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Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

The course is run by staff trained and qualified in counselling, psychotherapy and the spiritual disciplines. The emphasis on the Course is on developing a spiritual perspective on human interaction, on learning practical techniques to help people with psychological problems as well as those who are seeking to unfold their own potential. The four-year part-time Diploma course involves 900 contact hours, including one six-day intensive, one residential weekend, 24 weekend seminars and 120 evening meetings spread over four years. The evening meetings include a period for lectures and group supervision. In addition, students undertake a minimum of 160 hours of individual therapy and at least 550 hours of supervised counselling/psychotherapy practice and 100 hours at an approved psychiatric observational placement. Students will draw on their supervised counselling/psychotherapy practice hours to submit case histories for assessment. Finally, Diploma students are required to develop an individual counselling practical project, which reflects their beliefs, personality and therapeutic style of working. Year 1 total fee = £4290 Year 2 total fee = £5050 Year 3 total fee = £5050 Year 4 total fee = £5050