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Music Therapy Summer School

Our Summer School this year provides participants with the opportunity to experience an intensive 5 session experiential class within their chosen specialization. In addition we provide optional early evening sessions comprising of case studies and theory seminars. Our Summer School provides direct experiential learning about the Arts & Play Therapies MA Art  Programmes at the University of Roehampton. It is therefore of interest to anyone wishing to find out more about training in one of these disciplines as well as individuals wanting to explore their creativity in a unique environment. In addition this Summer School may be of interest to mental health professionals, teachers and social workers etc. interested in learning more about these unique and creative forms of therapy. A degree of active participation will be expected from all participants who should therefore be prepared for a degree of personal disclosure, sharing and exploration.

Over five days, this course will provide an insight into music therapy practice, introducing a wide range of subjects which will give the participant a comprehensive introduction to the profession of Music Therapy. The course will also utilize case material to show work in a range of clinical settings, and will link these with the psychological theories which underpin clinical practice. An overview of the types of challenges affecting clients who benefit from music therapy will also be covered. This Summer School  will also introduce participants to improvisation techniques used in music therapy and encourage exploratory thinking about the emotional qualities of music. Individuals will be encouraged to use the course as a platform for reflecting on their own experiences and expectations of music therapy as a career option, and will have the opportunity to share this with others. As well as individuals seeking a preparation to apply for a place on a qualifying Music Therapy training, this Summer School will be of interest to musicians and composers working in any genre seeking to gain a degree of psychological insight into their work. 

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Tina Warnock