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(London) Compassion Focussed Group Psychotherapy Therapy and healing for those “on the edge”

Group analysis offers a helpful multi-perspectival lens through which to improve our understanding and capacity to work with challenges that emerge in groups. The Institute of Group Analysis (IGA) are pleased to introduce, Groups in Action, an exciting and innovative new series of one-day training courses. Founded over 50 years ago, the IGA is the UK’s leading provider of group psychotherapy and Groupwork training.

Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) is a motivational and integrative approach to working with shame and selfcriticism, manifest in a broad range of psychological and emotional difficulty. As a model of human suffering and wellbeing, CFT is now being used not only in a wide range of clinical settings, from primary care to secure forensic services, but also in educational and organisational settings.

CFT and Group Analysis meet in the commitment to offer effective psychotherapeutic interventions to those who have suffered multiple and complex traumas and those who experience high levels of self-blame, self-criticism and shame.

This training has been designed for practitioners, therapists and clinicians who wish to provide a more accessible pathway for this group of individuals. The trainers will offer an overview of the CFT framework and components of group analytic practice that have been brought together to form an integrative model for complex trauma. The day will combine a theoretical overview of Group Analysis and CFT along with practical suggestions for developing, running and managing the dynamics of long-term trauma focused group psychotherapy.

There will be experiential exercises throughout the day, focusing on developing personal practice in self compassion and delivering psychotherapeutic interventions.

Learning outcomes:
This training day will support participants to:
• integrate compassion focused therapy theory and
technique into group-work
• develop their knowledge and practice of group psychotherapy
• engage with the personal practice of self-compassion

Early bird fee until 30 April 2019:
IGA Students: £116
IGA Members: £116/£137
Public: £137/£158