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The Meaning of the Child to the Parent

Taught by Dr Ben Grey, PhD and Juliet Kesteven, MA, Cambridge Centre for Attachment.

This is a newly validated procedure that can be used in conjunction with the Infant CARE-Index.

Attachment and child protection research would suggest that the most critical factor in assessing parenting is the way parents think about their child; the meaning the child has to parent in the light of the parent’s experiences, especially those involving trauma or loss. Using semi structured interviews with parents, participants will be taught how to evaluate and understand parental ways of speaking about their child and parenting in a way that yields an in-depth understanding of the parent-child relationship, informing and evidencing decision making and intervention. Videos of parent-child interaction will be used to show the connections between how parents speak and think about their child, and how they behave as parents. Getting the most of the course, and being accredited as reliable in this method, will require classifying transcripts outside the formal teaching days, with feedback by email.

This course will be of interest to all professionals involved in the assessing and intervening with parents and their families, including social workers, psychologists, therapists and other related disciplines. 2019 Dates Part 1: June 12th - 14th Part 2: July 24th - 26th Both parts must be attended.

Fee: £772 University of Roehampton Student & Alumni Fee: £617