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Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) Professional Training -Module 1

The Physiology of Emotions

Raja has developed ISP by drawing from Western and Eastern psychology, scientific research on the neurology and physiology of psychological experiences, empirical research from body psychotherapy schools, and bodywork, movement, and energy work traditions.ISP offers experienced clinicians with prior psychological and somatic training, a master training  in how to further increase one’s clinical effectiveness considerably, through helping clients to embody more levels of their psyche. The ISP training consists of 12 days taught in three four­-day modules over 18 months.

Module 1: Working with Emotions with Greater Efficiency through the Science of the Physiology of Emotions and Principles of Energy Psychology.

You will learn how to work with emotional or affective experiences more deeply and completely through the physical and energy bodies, work that can also significantly improve cognitive and behavioural work that you do with yourself and your clients. You will also learn how to work with psychophysiological or psychosomatic symptoms with greater effectiveness. You will learn how different layers of your physical body are involved in generating and defending against different types of emotions and other psychological experiences. You will learn how to work with your energy body through your physical body to balance cognition and emotion in your work.

You can first take module one and then decide whether to take the remaining modules.

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