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(London) Guilt and Shame with Jan McGregor Hepburn

- Are you struggling to differentiate between guilt and shame?

- Do you want to develop your understanding of how guilt and shame manifest themselves clinically?

- Would you like to gain a theoretical grasp of shame, guilt and their origins?

- Are you interested in exploring the ways in which these affects ‘get played’ out in the consulting room?

Patients and clients may struggle to accept the clinician’s help because they feel shame and feel humiliated by needing help and the process of getting it.

This workshop will help you to gain an understanding of the dynamics of guilt and shame in clinical work as well as another insight into the countertransference experiences of feeling guilty and ashamed. The differences between reparative guilt and persecutory guilt will also be considered. The day will close with a plenary where participants can present their questions and discuss clinical implications further.