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(London) An Introduction to Yoga & Psychotherapy: The Science of Yoga

A workshop for therapists and yoga teachers with an interest in the body and working somatically.

Therapists will gain an understanding of the clinical benefits of yoga for positive mental health, the impact of yoga on the autonomic nervous system and the importance of safety.

Today yoga, mindfulness and meditation are rapidly growing in popularity and this trend will continue. Scientific research is now able to measure the benefits of these practices and mainstream medical providers are adopting them as treatment for many psychological issues. As therapists, it is important we understand the science behind these decisions and the benefits of yoga for our clients and ourselves.

During the workshop we will explore:

• The history of the body in therapy

• What is yoga? Understanding yoga as more than a physical practice

• The Autonomic Nervous System, Stress and Yoga

• The Yogic and Eastern perspective on mind-body connections

• Trauma Sensitive Yoga and the importance of safety

• Neuroscience and yoga

• Our embodied relationship with our clients

Therapists attending this workshop will take away the following tools for their clinical practice:

• An understanding of the science of yoga and its benefits for positive mental health

• Yoga breathing techniques and postures for depression and anxiety

• Practical understanding of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

• Accessible yoga resources for therapists and clients including reading list, audio and online practices