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Advanced CRM® Core Self

This 4-day advanced training requires a pre-requisite of CRM® Basic Training.

The focus of this training is teaching therapists and consequently their clients how to access, identify, and remember their Core Self, true authentic self, or spiritual essence and correlate it to the eye position that anchors this essence in the physical, somatic body. It is an effective and comprehensive combination of neurophysiology and spirituality that is quick and easy. This resource can then be utilized in several ways:

  • To expand, enhance, and embody the Core Self and therefore remember who we REALLY are, to re-connect to our internal divine nature and embody that state of Being in day to day life, work, and relationships.
  • For use as a neurophysiological and spiritual anchor from which to process In-Utero/Pre-natal trauma, dissociation, attachment disruption, and somatic dissociation
  • To process traumatic experiences, survival terror, attachment disruption, pre-verbal dissociation, and the “little t and BIG T” Truths of our Life

This training also provides an introduction to generational healing and will challenge you as a therapist. It will necessitate intuition and creativity, and requires willingness to work to embody your own Core Self consistently.