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Crossfields Institute Level 6 Diploma in the IFEEL Method of Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology

This course will cover the below:

1. Definitions and types CPTSD, PTSD & Trauma.
2. Assessment and formulation of differential diagnosis of CPTSD, PTSD & Trauma.
3. Theory and application of psychotraumalogical frameworks in the context of the neuroscience, dissociation and the psycho-pharmacology of CPTSD, PTSD & Trauma.
4. An evidence based Equine Facilitated Psychotraumatology Model for CPTSD, PTSD & Trauma.
5. Trauma focused resource facilitation skills for safety, stabilisation, regulation and containment of comorbidities: i) Mood disorders ii) Traumatic nightmares iii) Suicide ideation.
6. Understanding equine psychology, behaviour, ethology and welfare. The theoretical considerations of the ethical standards for equines working with humans.
7. Relational horsemanship skills: The tools, techniques and applications of working with horses as co-sentient partners for human development and change.
8. Personal and professional development: Supervision, mentoring, assessment and mapping of facilitator’s own personal and professional development alongside accountability of the ethical considerations of clients.
9. Critical self-reflexive mind-body based practice: developing self-awareness for both clients and facilitators.