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Emotions in Movement

If you are interested in exploring your emotional world, come and join us for a 2-day workshop designed to befriend all emotions and expand emotional resilience through movement. Learning to improve the connection between body and mind and the decision-making process that stems from your emotion expression leading to core happiness and an expanded way of life.

The workshop will consist of lectures alongside tailored practical physical exercises. With a maximum of 26 participants there will be the opportunity to work with some individual cases.

Our teacher is the world class trainer Ditte Marcher, Bodynamic senior trainer with more than 30 years’ experience teaching worldwide. Ditte’s work follows the lead of her mother Lisbeth Marcher the founder of Bodynamic. Ditte has taken Bodynamic work into a number of areas including projects with war veterans in several countries, conflict resolution, communication during crisis, and has a particular interest in shock and trauma.

The Body Reading day and the workshop are offered as a package price of £350.

Or separately:

Day 1: Body Reading day - £120

Day 2: Emotions in Movement workshop - £260.

Early bird for the whole package when purchased before February 20th 2019 is £320