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Introductory Weekend in Group Analysis

The Introductory Weekend in Group Analysis offers you the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into how our personal and professional groups function and can help to enhance your effectiveness in all group situations. During the course of the weekend, you will learn the basics of the group analytic perspective by taking part in several experiential groups and a theoretical lecture delivered by an established group analyst. You will have the chance to learn about yourself in a group situation and to observe group processes from the ‘here and now’ experience of participation in a group. The weekend will benefit health professionals, organisational managers and individuals, and will be useful for anyone interested in learning about group dynamics on a professional and/or personal level. We will provide light refreshments on Friday evening and a buffet lunch on Saturday, both are included in the fee. The experiential nature of the course means it is essential that participants attend for the whole duration. Why Group Analysis? Group Analysis is a powerful therapeutic medium that focuses on the relationship between the individual and the group, emphasising the essentially social nature of human experience. As a method of treatment group analysis offers a treatment approach that recognises how emotional, behavioural and psychological emerge in the context of our social groups. Carefully constituted group analytic groups have a long record of helping people with personal problems and in promoting personal development. The Group Analytic approach has profound implications for Group Work and organisational practice in a wide range of health, social and educational settings. Our philosophy is that as personal difficulties arise in groups; groups are the best place to explore, understand and try and resolve them. Early bird fee until 1 February 2019: Early Bird Fee: £415 Standard Fee: £446