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(London) When Hope Is Lost: The Impact of Perinatal Loss, Infertility and IVF on the Couple and the

Many parents find it difficult to recover from trauma associated with the perinatal period, and the loss of an infant can result in severe depression, feelings of isolation, loss of hope, and relationship breakdown. A perinatal loss may be as traumatic to the couple as the death of a young child, even though the lost baby has not been known. This full-day workshop will consider the meaning of perinatal loss and the death of a young child for the parents as well as for any siblings. Particular attention will be given to the difficulties that can be experienced by younger siblings who can feel as if they have been born in the shadow of death, and can carry this experience with them into adulthood. The workshop for individual, group, family and couple psychotherapists and counsellors will also focus on the impact of infertility and IVF on the individual and the couple, and the difficulties that can be evoked especially after multiple failed pregnancies. It is suitable for couple, individual and child psychotherapists. Trainer, Marguerite Reid, has a wealth of experience in working with individuals and couples who have perinatal mental health problems. She works with women and couples during pregnancy and during the postnatal period, as well as with children who have been parented by couples struggling with these difficulties.