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Diploma in Supervision

Using the Group as the Medium of Supervision “The primary purpose of supervision is to throw light on the therapeutic relationship; its secondary purpose is to enhance the student’s skills as a therapist. In group supervision, it is not only the experience and “know-how” of the supervisor that makes a difference, but the dialogue between colleagues of the supervision group, each of whom has a different perspective on the therapeutic situation.” - Behr and Hearst 2005 The course is open to group analysts, group psychotherapists, individual psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and counsellors, who have had three years’ post qualification experience. Successful applicants will be expected to be working as supervisors with a group of supervisees by the start of the course or be planning to do so. The training is psychodynamic in its orientation, but therapists from other trainings, who are interested in using the group as the medium for supervision, are welcome to apply. The course covers group supervision of groups and dyadic work. The training involves 45 hours theory and 15 hours median group experience. In addition 45 hours of group supervision of supervision will take place weekly either face to face or via telephone conferencing/Skype. There will be a 5,000-word essay to complete in order to qualify. Entry Requirements: • Applicants should have completed a recognised Qualifying training in Psychotherapy or have qualified as Psychodynamic Counsellors • Candidates should have a minimum of 3 years post qualification experience and they should be practicing therapists, receiving regular supervision • Candidates will need to be either running a supervision group or demonstrate that they will have a supervision group to bring to the course For any queries or if you wish to discuss the course, please email the current Course Directors, Leonie Hilliard, and Jo Joyce,