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(London) Projective Identification in Practice

The aim of this workshop with Paul Terry is to clearly define projective identification, transference and countertransference and what distinguishes these phenomena from one another, to gain knowledge of the different forms of projective identification and to understand the motives for projective identification. This workshop will study projective identification as it is experienced in therapeutic practice. Projective identification will be examined in the transference and countertransference; in its different forms whether attributive, evocative or acquisitive; its various motives, whether to communicate, evacuate, possess, control, deny separateness or overcome loss; its relationship to introjective identification; how the superego drives projective identification and is often reflected in what is projected; and as projective identification operates interpersonally in therapeutic and other personal relationships, and intrapersonally between the ego and superego. Workshop participants are encouraged to bring examples from their own practice for discussion.