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Unravelling the transference: Working in and with unconscious processes in the consulting room

This workshop with Carol Leader will help participants to develop their ability to recognise and better understand transference and how to use it through their clinical practice. The intention of this workshop is to help participants develop: - confidence in recognising the presence of unconscious repetitive processes at play in their clinical work with therapy clients. - skills to put the transference into conscious knowledge and words in the clinical work with particular reference to negative and erotic transference - an ability to unravel the transference so a creative space can be opened to explore the compulsion everyone has to repeat the past, between staying with the old and moving towards the new The transference is probably the most important instrument for discovering a patient or client’s inner world and an essential precondition regarding the effectiveness of in-depth treatment. Yet it can provoke the most concern from clinicians because it is largely an unconscious phenomenon that can dominate and prolong treatment. Often the therapist becomes unknowingly involved with playing a particular role in the patient’s inner drama. It can be hard to know and name what is going on. Unravelling the transference is an essential task for the psychoanalytic or psychodynamic clinician wanting to extend their skills and overall sense of competence. This one-day workshop (linked to the Countertransference workshop on 9th March 2019) will give a historical and contemporary overview of theory. However, the main emphasis will be practical approaches based on clinical work and the development of skills and insight. It will include images and narrative, key quotations, clinical examples, exercises to flesh out transference in a hands-on way. There will be plenty of time for discussion and questions.