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Professional PhD: Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Practice

If an important part of your professional practice involves holistic, spiritual or transformative ways of working which you would like to develop and deepen, CCPE’s professional PhD in transpersonal psychotherapeutic practice offers a high quality academic programme at doctorate level designed to provide that opportunity. (The award is officially named ‘PhD in Professional Practice: Psychological Perspectives’ by Christ Church Canterbury University.) The PhD is structured to enable an individualised programme of study and research, based around a specific, chosen theme or area of expertise within your professional practice and tailored to your needs and strengths. You will be required to integrate your professional and intellectual competencies, and to pursue an in-depth thematic investigation in relation to your chosen specialist domain of research and therapeutic practice, at an advanced doctorate level. You will be supported throughout by the highest level of teaching, academic guidance and specialised supervision from a transpersonal perspective. Note: Course fee wil vary depending on the programme option chosen. Please contact CCPE for information on dates and times.