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Looking for love: How therapy can help with partner choice

This workshop will explore what makes a good couple ‘fit’. During the workshop the different routes into relationship – random romance, arranged marriage and selection through digital dating will be looked at. Attachment theory and psychodynamic understanding of couple relationships will be drawn upon. This workshop will look at: What’s going on when two people fall in love? How do arranged marriages and partnerships formed online compare with romance? What makes for a satisfactory long term relationship? This workshop will reflect on: Clients who have a painful story of broken relationships Clients who move fast through relationships and don’t settle Clients who haven’t had an adult sexual relationship and who may or may not consciously seek one. This workshop is suitable for qualified and training psychotherapists and counsellors. The primary theoretical focus of the workshop will be psychodynamics, but practitioners of other modalities are encouraged to attend. This workshop may be of particular interest to individual therapists whose clients bring relationship issues or couple therapists.