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Diploma in Supervision

This course provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of supervision drawing on the model outlined by Shohet & Hawkins in Supervision in the Helping Professions (2002) and the developmental model proposed by Stoltenberg and Delworth. It provides a structure which contains theoretical, experiential and practice components and aims to enable the supervisor to work with counsellors and/or psychotherapists who may have trained in a variety of different orientations. The theoretical input will include integrative, psychodynamic and humanistic ideas and will be centred on developing an awareness and understanding of the importance of the supervisory relationship, together with the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor. Topics covered will include: contracting, ethics, issues of difference, assessment and focusing, developmental stages, unconscious relational processes including transference and countertransference, the internal supervisor, issues of power and authority, ruptures in the supervisory alliance, the organisational context of supervision, and working with groups. The experiential/practice component will include peer and tutor assessed role-played practice sessions as well as the opportunity for group supervision of the supervisory work of the participant.