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Advanced Psychotherapy Diploma

A two-year Advanced Psychotherapy training programme is being offered to train practising psychotherapists to work at the level of senior psychotherapist from a spiritual perspective. This course may be considered as a post-Diploma training for the position of Senior Clinician and Trainer as suggested by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). An Advanced Psychotherapy Diploma will be awarded on completion of this course and the course requirements. An optional third year studying dreams and dream interpretation from a spiritual perspective will be available to those students who complete the Advanced Diploma, and on completion students will be awarded a Post- Graduate Certificate in Dream Interpretation. The Advanced Psychotherapy training and Dream Interpretation Certificates together with a research dissertation is planned to be offered as a PhD option in the near future, i.e. candidates who complete the Advanced training and one year dream interpretation course will be able to convert this training into a professional PhD in Transpersonal Psychotherapy programme. Alternatively, candidates may combine the one year Diploma in Supervision training with the two year Advanced Psychotherapy Diploma training and a research dissertation to be eligible for the professional PhD in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.