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Working With Tech Addiction

  • 14th Sep 2020
  • Stefan Walters

We all have a relationship with technology. But how often do we get curious about this in the therapy room? As the pandemic intensifies tech use for many, addiction specialist Stefan Walters explains why today’s therapists need to be technologically aware, and suggests some useful questions for beginning to explore the nature of clients’, and our own, digital activity

Dementia Myths vs Realities 1/5: Purposeful Engagement

  • 11th Sep 2020
  • Danuta Lipinska

To mark World Alzheimer’s Month this September, Danuta Lipinska embarks on a five-part series about the value and diversity of counselling people with a dementia. Every Friday, she will be debunking a common myth about the condition as she shares insights and stories from her long career in dementia care. Today, she addresses the misconception that therapy isn’t ‘for’ people with a dementia.

Responding to a Suicidal Client: The Experience

  • 10th Sep 2020
  • Kath Caffrey

What does it feel like to sit with a suicidal client, and what is the emotional reality of breaking confidentiality? In the second of two blogs to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day today, mental health trainer Kath Caffrey moves from outlining the practicalities of responding to suicide risk, to discussing the experience in the room.

Responding to a Suicidal Client: The Practicalities

  • 9th Sep 2020
  • Kath Caffrey

Working with suicidality is a stark reality of being a therapist. We need to feel prepared, both practically and emotionally. To mark World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, we asked mental health trainer Kath Caffrey to discuss how to respond to suicide risk. In today’s blog, she outlines the protocol. Tomorrow, she will share how it feels to sit with a suicidal client, and to break confidentiality.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health: A Vision for the Future

  • 4th Sep 2020
  • Panel Biographies

The CEOs of three major charities joined PESI UK last week to discuss what’s next for children and young people’s mental health. Javed Khan of Barnardo’s, Catherine Roche of Place2Be and Victoria Hornby of Mental Health Innovations talked school reopenings, digital support and key learnings from Covid – as well as calling for a ‘radical systemic rethink’ in young people’s mental health services. As we mark the UK’s first Youth Mental Health Day, catch up on this essential panel discussion.

The Impact of Attachment Trauma on School Children

  • 1st Sep 2020
  • Christina Reese

Attention-seeking behaviour in school-age children is often addressed in one of two ways: by ignoring it, or administering ‘consequences’. Both will fail, argues child trauma specialist Dr Christina Reese, because they overlook the basic underlying need for connection and support. Ahead of a discussion and Q&A on September 10, and a full webcast training on September 18 (which will focus on families), she explains how the concept of attachment trauma – which she believes to be on the rise – can help us understand and respond to these behaviours.

Leading Clinicians and Thought Leaders on Stress, Uncertainty and Resilience

  • 24th Aug 2020

What impact might Covid-19, and systemic racial injustice, be having on young people? How can we help them feel safe in these uncertain times? What challenges – and opportunities to do things differently – might lie ahead? This month, PESI UK will be asking some of the world’s top clinicians and thought leaders as part of a free, three-day Children and Young People’s Mental Health Summit. Join Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Barnardo’s CEO Javed Khan and others for nine free discussions on the most pressing topics in children’s mental health.

Online Therapy with Couples 5/5: Physical Intimacy and the Pandemic

  • 21st Aug 2020
  • Brad Sachs

How is the Covid-19 pandemic affecting couples’ sexual lives? In the final installment of his blog series about conducting couple therapy online during the coronavirus crisis, psychologist and author Brad E. Sachs explores the strain on our sense of togetherness and seperateness that lockdown has brought, and the impact of the crisis on our instincts and drives.

Online Therapy with Couples 4/5: Anxiety and Crises

  • 14th Aug 2020
  • Brad Sachs

We all respond to crises in different ways. For couples, the Covid-19 pandemic may be causing rifts as each person resorts to contrasting coping mechanisms. Yet, observes psychologist and author Brad E. Sachs, partners often share more anxieties, and anxiety levels, than they think. In the penultimate part of his blog series, he explains how therapists can help couples to stabilise their anxiety and survive – or even thrive – in a crisis.