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How to Help Children Cope with the Coronavirus Emergency

  • 19th Mar 2020
  • Kenneth Barish

On Friday, UK schools will join others around the world in closing due to the coronavirus crisis. How will family life need to change? Child therapist and Clinical Professor of Psychology Kenneth Barish draws on his conversations with families who are already living through this, to suggest four key ways in which parents can be supported to help children through this time.

How to Go Online: Counselling During the Coronavirus

  • 16th Mar 2020
  • Suzie Mosson

The current health crisis means many counsellors are considering taking their practice online for the first time. Therapist Suzie Mosson, a director of Online Training for Counsellors, has some expert advice for practitioners looking to make this move, from reviewing insurance and fees to choosing a webcam programme and re-contracting with your client. Top of her list of guidance? Don’t panic – plan.